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LOCH provides full and actionable intelligence on all wireless and IoT devices to help organizations improve their security posture, reduce risk, and manage wireless data usage across the enterprise.

LOCH 2021 Predictions: Smart Cities, Exponential Wireless IoT Growth, and the Push to Secure the Largest Attack Surface in History

The most unpredictable year in recent memory is at our backs. With that, businesses of all walks are looking to 2021 to assess how significant cybersecurity trends and operational..

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Wi-Fi Alliance: The rapid growth of Wi-Fi and the need to secure wireless devices

With digital transformation only accelerating with the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations across industries are looking for ways to support demands for increased wireless..

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2024 Wireless Security Threats

2024 Wireless Security Predictions

2023 is over, and we are looking forward to all the future has to bring. 2024 promises more cyberattacks than last year; therefore, organizations need to prepare for what's next...

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Don’t hand it Over: Vulnerabilities in the Handover Procedure of Cellular Telecommunications

New Mobile Network Vulnerabilities Affect All Cellular Generations Since 2G. Researchers have disclosed security vulnerabilities in handover, a fundamental mechanism that..

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LOCH Technologies at the Forefront of CPS-Sec Capabilities

Securing the Future: LOCH Technologies at the Forefront of CPS-Sec Capabilities At LOCH Technologies, we pride ourselves on integrating innovation and excellence to safeguard the..

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Gartner Recognizes LOCH Technologies

Gartner Recognizes LOCH Technologies For the 3rd time in a row, Gartner lists LOCH Technologies as a representative vendor in their 2023 Market Guide for Medical Device Security..

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