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Get a unified, comprehensive, and seamlessly integrated security ecosystem.
LOCH's solutions are designed to integrate with the various components of your network right out of the box to give you a unified view of your security ecosystem.

SIEM and SOAR Integrations

Effortlessly connect AirShield data to your incident and operations management platforms to provide full visibility into wireless
incidents — so you can see not only the threats, but also where they can reach and how they can get there.
Partial list of AirShield’s SIEM and SOAR integrations:


Gather information about your environment to the LOCH Cloud to enable painless integration and actionable alert intelligence —

so you can become proactive instead of merely reactive.

Incident Alerts & Notifications

Get notified immediately through Slack, SMTP Email or other cloud-enabled services when wireless incidents occur — so
you can act fast when every second counts.

AirShield – Eliminate the Security Blind Spot.


Invisible Threats. Visible Protection.

Integrate AirShield into your environment so you can:

Protect against misconfigurations, Shadow IoT, unknown and unmanaged IoT devices, and previously undetected wireless attacks.

Move away from wired-centric security approaches towards solutions that give real insights and responses to this new world.

Accurately quantify wireless and IoT risks - even before a breach or security incident occurs - so you can take a proactive stance on security.

Interested in uncovering wireless threats to your organization?