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Internet of Things (IoT) 

Risks and Threats

IoT: Opportunities, Threats and Security Needs

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing how organizations do business. From increasing efficiency, to monitoring maintenance, to enhancing communications, IoT devices are helping companies in a host of ways. Garry Drummond, LOCH Founder and CEO talks about all things IoT, offering advice and insights for organizations on how to securely and safely leverage IoT networks in their business.

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Garry Drummond, Founder and CEO of LOCH, explains IoT, its business applications, and the risks for organizations

Risks and Threats to the IoT

Risks and Threats of IoT
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Garry Drummond explains the threats and risks with IoT

IoT devices have inherent weaknesses due to limited CPU and storage capabilities, making them prone to unauthorized access and attacks exploiting weak or default passwords. Additionally, issues like weak authentication, insecure communication channels, lack of security updates, and physical vulnerabilities, can cause security issues. 

Examples of IoT Threats

CPU Limits

Unauthorized Access

Password Hacking

Rogue Access Points

Small Storage Capacity

Lack of Authentication and Updates

How do we protect against IoT threats and vulnerabilities?

To mitigate IoT security risks, it's crucial to implement robust authentication, use strong passwords, and employ secure communication protocols like SSL/TLS. Additionally, segmenting IoT devices into different networks based on their risk levels and continuously monitoring for threats can significantly enhance security. Data Detection and Response (DDR) technologies are also recommended for early detection of potential attacks, helping to prevent them before they can cause harm.

Garry Drummond talks IoT Security Measures
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Garry Drummond explains how to secure your IoT network

LOCH solves IoT security issues through

Wireless Assessment

Network Segmentation

Continuous Monitoring

DDR Protocol

Want to eliminate threats to your IoT devices?