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AirGuard Wireless SOC

Actively hunt and terminate cyberattacks before they impact your business

AirGuard: Wireless SOCaaS

IT Security teams are already overwhelmed today. Geographically dispersed IT operations, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, prolific use of SaaS applications and a growing use of IoT/OT devices are generating thousands of security alerts per day. This leads to fatigue in lack of efficiency when triaging incidents leaving the organization exposed to threats and vulnerabilities.

With over 80% of IoT/OT deployments being wireless, wireless is the new network and new attack surface.

This new wireless security blind spot is further exacerbated when communications are beyond WiFi & Bluetooth using broad spectrum RF, cellular 4G/5G or private/public LTE networks.


AirGuard Features

  • Identification and classification of all wireless devices with risk analysis

  • WiFi AP Performance testing to confirm SLAs API

  • WLAN integration for single consolidation of all things wireless – cellular and WIFI

  • Operational integrations with your platforms and third party services for effective command and control

  • Open and robust API for expanding features and observability

AirGuard Values

  • Experts in wireless communications for Cellular, WIFI and broad spectrum deployments

  • Dedicated team offering personalized & customized services

  • RFML driven intelligent thresholds for escalations, faster root cause analysis

  • Collaborative alerts notifications and response adhering to customer policies

  • Automation for actionable alerts


Detection and Response
Risk Isolation and Mitigation
24X7 Monitoring

Cybersecurity SOC Challenges Today:


  • Too many tools & alerts
  • Lack of skill-set with insufficient resources
  • Alert and Alarm fatigue
  • Alert desensitization leading to errors

AirGuard Guarantee

  • Continuous cellular IoT visibility of wireless devices with DVR-capabilities
  • 24×7 monitoring with priority alert handling
  • Wireless Experts as an extension of your networking and security teams
  • On-site services available for heatmapping, installations, upgrades

AirGuard Wireless SOC Services provides:

  • Procurement, installation and replacement of network infrastructure
  • Manage and monitor wireless equipment
  • Multi-vendor API driven asset and event data correlation for real time analytics
  • AirShield protection for broad spectrum IoT deployments (100MHz to 6GHz) air space protection

Wireless Security Operations as a Service

24×7 monitoring, management and maintenance of all wireless devices connected via 802.11 WiFi, Bluetooth, 802.15.4 and other Broad Spectrum RF, cellular 4G/5G or private/public LTE technologies.



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