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Wireless Airspace Defense for Manufacturing

80% of new IoT deployments are wireless, therefore, wireless is the new network and new attack surface. Manage your risk and make unmanaged IoT devices and networks visible.

Real Insights, Real-time Responses to IoT Security Risks.

Smart factories and other manufacturing facilities play a critical role in today’s society. Robotics and smart sensors use broad-spectrum wireless and cellular to communicate, therefore new visibility is required to detect, assess, and prevent risk. Only through Wireless Airspace Defense is it possible to accomplish predictive IoT analytics and insights for a best practice and secure network.
80% of new IoT deployments in Manufacturing are now being connected via wireless, yet many companies are still using
wired-centric security approaches which are ineffective in securing mission-critical devices and networks. Many existing
solutions fail to provide advanced M2M behavior insights including the first line of defense, an alert notification for any
deviation of policy; or the second line of defense, which is proactively identifying IoT vulnerabilities prior to loss or incident
occurring. With AirShield, companies can comprehensively detect, assess and prevent risk.

AirShield for Manufacturing

AirShield’s Cyber Physical Systems Security provides visibility across IT and OT and helps improve your organization’s bottom line.  Here’s how we help you deliver intrinsic value with AirShield, built on the next-generation LOCH Wireless Machine Vision platform

loch-dotsData Loss Protection and Protection Against Breaches

loch-dotsAsset Configuration Management and Security Posture Monitoring

loch-dotsRemote Wireless Performance and Reliability Troubleshooting and Alerting

loch-dotsRisk Management and Compliance including PCI, HIPAAA and NIST

loch-dotsAsset Visibility and Classification

loch-dotsAttack Detection and Zero Trust Policy Violations

loch-dotsThreat Mitigation through Air Isolation and Deceptive Networking

loch-dotsIncident Response and Forensics through DVR-like Capabilities

Business Benefits

AirShield’s Cyber Physical Systems Security visibility across IT and OT helps improve your organization’s bottom line. Here’s how we help you deliver intrinsic value with AirShield:

Asset Inventory and Visibility

Asset Inventory and Visibility

You can’t defend what you can’t see. Therefore, it is crucial to Implement a solution that is dynamically in-tune with your ever-changing OT environment, particularly as IoT converges with OT. With AirShield, you can detect, assess, and prevent risk across your mission-critical manufacturing environments.

Proactive Vulnerability Assessment

Proactive Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and fix unacceptable wireless OT vulnerability exposure states prior to loss or incident occurring. As per the Gartner Market Guide for Operational Technology Security, risk analysis and mitigation is crucial to detect anomalous behaviors and remediate vulnerabilities in dynamic OT environments.

Avoid Costly Downtime

Avoid Costly Downtime

With broad-spectrum OT and cellular enablement proliferating in many OT environments, you can implement effective cost management and performance monitoring with Wireless Airspace Defense.

Deploy and Scale Easily

Deploy and Scale Easily

With cloud-based configuration and management, AirShield scales easily to meet the needs of your organization. Get real-time insights across multiple cellular carriers and regions for OT assets and more.

Industry 4.0 IIoT White
Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 10.43.26 AM
To realize the promise
of Industry 4.0, one
must first adequately
address the risks.
Misconfigured Wireless
IIoT can lead to disaster.
Industry 4.0 Solution Brief
Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 10.43.32 AM
Industry 4.0 revolution
utilizes millions of IIoT
sensors connected via
wireless RF.

Wireless – the new and
invisible attack surface.
Industry 4.0 E-Book
Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 10.43.38 AM
Wireless IoT Security for
Cyber-Physical Systems
and Operational
Technology Networks
The sheer volume of OT
endpoints is proving to
be a cybersecurity

AirShield – Eliminate the Security Blind Spot.


Invisible Threats. Visible Protection.

Integrate AirShield into your manufacturing facility so you can:


Protect your manufacturing facility against misconfigurations, Shadow IoT, unknown and unmanaged IoT devices, and previously undetected wireless attacks

Deploy and Scale Easily

Move away from wired-centric security approaches towards solutions that give real insights and responses to this new world.

Zero Trust policy enforcement and alert notifications for violations

Accurately quantify wireless and IoT risks — even before a breach or security incident occurs — so you can take a proactive stance on security.

Interested in protecting your wireless manufacturing system from threats?