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Cell Tower Communications Security

Monitor 4G, 5G and CBRS cellular towers in your airspace

AirCell: Rogue Cell Tower Detection

Fake cell phone towers have various names – Stingray, Dirtbox, IMSI Catcher, etc.; easy, quick to deploy and also mobile with DIY kits costing under a thousand US dollars. They take advantage of smartphones design methodology to connect to the strongest available signal to reduce power constraints and optimize experience. Fake/Rogue towers broadcasting a stronger signal than a legitimate tower attract phones to automatically switch over – creating the perfect ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ scenario to attack, eavesdrop on conversations, steal information, etc.

Weak Signal from Towner

AirCell from LOCH provides continuous monitoring of a designated airspace environment to collect, inventory and monitor data from cellphone towers in the vicinity.

Each deployed AirCell provides visibility into all cellphone towers in the airspace that are advertising their presence for User Equipment (UE) connectivity supporting 4G, 5G (NSA/SA) and CBRS bands under 6GHz.

The collected data is analyzed against an internal dataset of known attributes from carriers in the area (legitimate cellphone towers) and given a trust score for categorized (known, unknown, suspicious, etc). Users are also able to input data from their own environment (e.g., CBRS and/or private cellular networks) into this internal dataset to be used by the LOCH analytics engine for the characterization.

This deployment defends the airspace against threats or anomalous activities that could impact performance, confidentiality, integrity and availability for devices connecting via cellular networks.

AirCell works across all sub-6GHz bands and decodes LTE, CBRS, and 5G (NSA/SA).

Global IoT Market Forecast

(in billion connected IoT devices)


With an expected growth of 159% in 5G connected IoT, this is fast becoming the new network and a vast and easy to target attack surface.


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