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Risks and Threats

Bluetooth: Opportunities, threats, and security needs

Bluetooth uses short-range radio waves to connect devices within the Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) bands. It has had an exciting evolution from audio streaming to critical IoT applications due to enhancements in security and mesh capabilities. This video also covers Bluetooth's security features and vulnerabilities, offering strategies for mitigating risks, such as strong authentication, secure communication protocols, network segmentation, and continuous wireless threat monitoring.

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Garry Drummond, Founder and CEO of LOCH, explains Bluetooth, threats for organizations, and how to prevent Bluetooth security incidents 

Risks and Threats to Bluetooth Technology

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Garry Drummond explains the risks and threats of Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology incorporates encryption, authentication, and authorization to prevent unauthorized access, yet vulnerabilities persist, including emerging threats like Bluejacking, spoofing, BlueBorne attacks, and DoS attacks. Regular updates to encryption and protocols are crucial for mitigating these risks, alongside ongoing monitoring and policy enforcement to safeguard against data breaches and maintain security. 

Examples of Bluetooth Threats




Denial of Service

How do we protect against Bluetooth threats and vulnerabilities?

To enhance Bluetooth security, implement strong authentication with unique passwords, utilize SSL and TLS for secure data transmission, and segregate IoT devices onto distinct network zones. Continuous monitoring platforms, such as LOCH's AirShield, play a critical role in detecting and mitigating evolving risks associated with Bluetooth and IoT communication.

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Garry Drummond explains how to secure your Bluetooth device connections

LOCH solves Bluetooth security issues through

Wireless Infrastructure Management

Understanding Client Behavior

Early Threat Detection

Exposure Site Awareness

Want to eliminate threats to your Bluetooth connections?