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Satellite and Cyberspace

Risks and Threats

Unveiling Opportunities, Identifying Threats, and Securing Space

CEO Garry Drummond emphasizes the vulnerability of satellite infrastructure to cyberattacks, highlighting potential risks to national security and critical services like communication and finance. Garry delves into the tactics and targets of such warfare, emphasizing the need for innovative solutions like self-protection DDR (Data Detection and Response) to prevent potential conflicts and secure satellite networks effectively. 

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Garry Drummond, Founder and CEO of LOCH, explains satellite technology, associated risks and threats and how to defend against attacks

Identifying Satellite Technology Risks and Threats

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Garry Drummond explains the risks and threats to satellite technology

This video discusses the emerging threat of cyber warfare in space, highlighting the vulnerability of satellite infrastructure and its potential impact on national security and global economies. The conversation delves into the necessity of innovative cybersecurity measures, such as self-protection DDR, to prevent and mitigate the risks associated with attacks on satellite networks. As economies become more digitally interconnected, securing both terrestrial systems and satellite networks becomes crucial.

Vulnerabilities of Satellite 

Global Dependency

Communication Services

Internet Services

Financial Trading

Defending Against Satellite Security Threats

Garry Drummond discusses the importance of secure design, regular vulnerability assessments, and the implementation of self-protection DDR mechanisms to mitigate satellite risks effectively. Garry emphasizes advocating for industry-wide standards and best practices, along with utilizing advanced technologies like AI and ML for rapid data detection and response to safeguard against potential threats.

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Garry Drummond explains best practices to secure satellite technology

LOCH's recommendations to defend against satellite attacks:

Data Detection Reponse

Secure Design

Regular Vulnerability Assessments

Updated Security Protocols

Looking to safeguard your satellite networks and prevent cyber warfare in space?