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Global Positioning System (GPS) 

Risks and Threats

What is the Global Positioning System?

GPS is a precise global navigation and surveying system that relies on receiving signals from a network of satellites in orbit. GPS is used throughout society and organizations to provide oversight, management, and tracking of critical infrastructures, personnel safety, and supply chains as well as global timing and communications.  

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Garry Drummond, CEO and Founder of LOCH, explains GPS and its implications

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GPS in the Aviation Industry

Find out how GPS is playing a mission critical role in driving innovation and digital transformation in aviation.

Why is GPS security critical to Wireless Airspace Defense?

The primary reason GPS systems are targeted stems from the decreased cost of software-defined radios, which allow bad actors to scan multiple radio frequencies and manipulate them. These attackers can disrupt accurate timing and location data provided by GPS, damaging critical infrastructure and emergency services.

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Garry Drummond explains why GPS security is critical to wireless airspace defense.

How do we protect against GPS vulnerabilities and exposure states?

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Garry Drummond explains how to secure your GPS network from security attacks.

Organizations should adopt a proactive and strategic approach to GPS security. They should incorporate anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technologies, equipping critical infrastructure with receivers capable of detecting and mitigating spoofing attacks. Additionally, enhancing monitoring and detection capabilities, conducting regular risk assessments, and establishing contingency plans are crucial steps for organizations to secure their systems against GPS disruptions.

LOCH solves GPS issues through

Anti-Jamming Technology

Anti-Spoofing Technology

Looking to protect your GPS network from security threats?