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Our Story

We are in the midst of a new, hyperconnected economy — with billions of new IoT devices installed every year. When everything is connected, every device must be visible, controlled and protected.

We built LOCH Technologies from the ground up to address the rising wave of wireless hyperconnectivity. With our Machine Vision platform, we provide customers with the full-spectrum wireless visibility, cost management, performance monitoring, and security that organizations need to evolve at speed and scale. At LOCH Technologies, our mission is to help organizations master rapid transformation and thrive in a wireless world.

LOCH Technologies Vision

LOCH Technologies believes that every wireless device needs to be managed effectively for security, performance, and cost so organizations can thrive in a 5G wireless world.

LOCH Technologies Mission

To provide effective security, performance monitoring, and cost management for all 5G, broad-spectrum wireless IoT, and Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) environments through our robust and extensible patented Wireless Machine Vision​TM​ platform.

About LOCH Technologies

LOCH Technologies is a global leader of next-generation wireless threat monitoring. The company provides actionable intelligence across 4G/ 5G cellular networks, broad-spectrum IoT, EMI, GPS, and WiFi to help organizations improve security posture and reduce risk.

With 80% of devices wirelessly connected, wireless is the new network and new attack surface- creating a massive security blind spot, therefore, every RF wireless device needs to be visible and secure, regardless of what type of device it is, what protocol it uses, and who owns it. This guides everything we do and why LOCH Technologies aims to secure and enable the new world of wireless innovation that will drive the next generation of digital transformation, enforcing zero trust.

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