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Eliminate the Security Blind Spots.

AirShield for Enterprise

IoT has created the world’s largest attack surface — and 80% of IoT devices are wirelessly connected. Today’s networks and organizations were never built to handle the massive volume, velocity and hyper-connectivity of smart devices. Most businesses still struggle to identify IoT devices within their environment – creating new security blind spots.

AirShield℠ provides comprehensive visibility into the IoT and OT (operational technology) threat landscape in order to detect, assess and prevent risk from unmanaged, unsecured and misconfigured IoT devices.


Discover all broad-spectrum wireless IoT devices within your environment


Automatically identify unmanaged, unsecured and misconfigured IoT and OT devices


Passive monitoring of airwaves for enforcement of Zero Trust policies

Easy to Deploy

No Ethernet required.

Integrated cellular backhaul for real-time access to cloud wireless threat analytics

Invisible Threats, Visible Protection

The proliferation of IoT devices has led to a growing visibility challenge. IoT has ushered in a plethora of new operating systems, new protocols and new frequencies. And with the growth of 5G cellular ramping up, more organizations are discovering that they have a lack of visibility into all of these different wireless technologies.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Cooling)

Wireless Thumb Drivers

Voice Assistants

Surveillance Cameras


Smart TVs

Wireless Printers

Spy Cameras

Rogue Cell Towers

AirShield Solution

AirShieldSM provides non-intrusive real-time visibility and comprehensive monitoring and protection for broad-spectrum wireless devices for IoT, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Internet of Medical Things (IOMT), and OT environments, irrespective of operating system, protocol, or connection type.



AirShieldSM sensors connect to the LOCH Machine Vision Cloud. No on-premise server installation is required. Receive real-time and actionable results in minutes, easily integrates with your daily SIEM/SOARs operations.

Real-time Data Analytics

Identify unacceptable wireless IoT vulnerabilities on managed and unmanaged IoT devices. Close the incident response loop with AirShield’s Threat Hunting Incident Tracker app.

Customizable Software-Defined Radio

Software-Defined Radio monitors the new WiFi 6 and 5G spectrum (300Mhz to 6Ghz) to detect new and advanced wireless IoT threats.

Critical Path to Exposure™ Reporting

Raise awareness on the growing IoT security risks. Leverage the industry’s leading IoT wireless security benchmark to measure how well you’re doing.

Mobile Threat Hunting Application

As part of AirShield’s solution, a mobile threat hunting application is provided to locate and remove offending wireless IoT devices on premise.


With 80% of loT devices now wirelessly connected, not wired, wireless is now the new network and new attack surface.

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