Wireless Machine Vision for Remote Office Worker

80% of new IoT deployments are wireless, therefore, wireless is the new network and new attack surface. Eliminate the wireless IT and IoT security blind spots in your home networks.

Protection for Remote Office Workers

Enterprises face significant business risks having employees connect from home. The number one concern is the lack of visibility into the home network environment, an assessment regarding what “should be” against “what is,” as well as a clear understanding of the device behaviors and potential risks from these connected IoT devices like Smart TVs, Thermostats, Home Security Cameras, USB WiFi Thumb Drives, Voice Assistant Devices and Printers (commonly known as Shadow IoT).

Most IoT device traffic is unencrypted. Therefore, when corporate devices and home devices cross network boundaries and share the home network, it puts company data at risk. Home IT and IoT devices typically do not have the same security as their enterprise counterparts, making these devices low-hanging fruit for attackers to go after in the home network.

Top 10 Shadow IoT Wireless Risks

AirShield for Remote Office Workers

Asset Visibility and
Device Classification

Continuous Home Security Monitoring of Home Wireless Connected Devices

Stop Wireless Attacks in the Path with Real-time Notification

Enforce Privacy and Only Allow Authorized Devices to Connect to Your Home Network

Prevent Data from Being Stolen Over Wireless Networks

Easy to Set Up Attack Notifications

Threat Mitigation Through Air Isolation / Termination

Simple Reporting to Share with Your Insurance Company for a Better Cyber Policy Rate

Solution Benefits

AirShield’s Home Wireless and IoT visibility and monitoring will signal if your Smart TV, Thermostat or Dishwasher or any other IoT device is a potential risk to your home network. AirShield will enforce privacy policies and keep your company assets separate to help enforce confident, secure home computing. The AirShield service is built on the next-generation LOCH Wireless Machine Vision Platform.

Prevent Cellular Attacks

Prevent Cellular Attacks

Attackers often “turn off” cellular access for wireless devices while performing WiFi attacks – creating fake cell towers and denying authentication to the network.

Prevent Evil Twin AP Attacks

Prevent Evil Twin AP Attacks

Attackers create an Access Point and draw devices towards it through a higher signal power and/or existing network deauthentication. Connected devices may expose credentials or be directed to malicious services for system compromise.

Isolate Rogue Devices

Isolate Rogue Devices

A rogue device, such as a spy camera, wireless-enabled USB drive or an open printer may put the remote home user/network at risk.

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Airshield provides non-intrusive real-time visilbility and comprehensive monitoring and protection for broad spectrum wireless devices for IoT and OT environments.


AirHook is best-in class cellular IoT security service providing organizations with a multi-layered approach to managing cellular risks, costs, and threats in real-time.

LOCH Wireless Machine Vision Platform

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The LOCH Wireless Machine Vision Platform provides actionable intelligence and insight for all 5G cellular and broad-spectrum wireless IoT devices.

Invisible Threats. Visible Protection.

AirShield will detect, assess and prevent wireless risks to your home network.

Weak Encryption:

At-home networks may not follow strong or required network security practices by using common/easily recovered WPA/WPA2 passphrases and unencrypted or known weak networks.

Weak Authorization:

An at-home network used by remote office staff may have WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) enabled. The access codes to many devices are well known or easily brute forceable allowing the attacker access to the network.

Downgrade Cellular Network:

Attacks against weaker cellular networks require disabling secure networks, allowing for man-in-the-middle attacks or trojan installations.

AirShield — Eliminate Security Blind Spots in Home Networks.

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