Wireless Machine Vision for Hospitality

80% of new IoT deployments are wireless, therefore, wireless is the new network and new attack surface. Ensure the integrity, security, and reliability of your wireless connections.

Protect your brand, property, and customers with passive IoT security monitoring of the air-space. Detect, assess, and prevent threats against customer data & privacy exploitation and eliminate compliance/regulatory fines.

The introduction of IoT-enabled devices with wireless capabilities creates new risks for hotels, conferences, events, and other building infrastructure. The delivery of modernized services, with cellular, broad-spectrum wireless, WiFi or CBRS applications puts organizations at even greater risk due to the vast new attack surface of IoT — making radio frequencies the invisible espionage threat to the business. The LOCH Wireless Machine Vision platform helps you to detect, assess, and prevent risk.

Beyond WiFi – whether it’s Shadow IoT, drones, or rogue cellular towers affecting consumer or corporate devices – IoT fidelity is key to identifying and preventing risk. Therefore, solutions must identify IoT device type and their behavior. Information security teams that rely on wired-centric security tools to assess the risk will have a blind-spot, as IoT threats often are not connected to the production network. Identity every device and stop IoT hacks in their tracks with CPE reporting designed specifically for hospitality networks.

AirShield for Hospitality

AirShield protects your organization from wireless and IoT wireless threats using wireless deep packet inspection, situational awareness, zero trust, anomaly detection, and behavioral analysis.

Asset Visibility and

Asset Configuration Management and Security Posture Monitoring

Remote Wireless Performance and Reliability Troubleshooting and Alerting

Risk Management and Compliance including PCI, HIPAA, and NIST

Data Loss Protection and protection against breaches

Attack Detection and Zero Trust Policy Violations

Threat Mitigation through Air Isolation and Deceptive Networking

Incident Response and Forensics through DVR-like capabilities

Solution Benefits for Hospitality

AirShield is built on the next-generation Wireless Machine Vision platform and provides broad-spectrum IoT wireless, CBRS, and cellular security visibility across all types of hospitality environments to reduce liability from malicious malware and other IoT attacks like spy cameras and rogue cell towers.

Here’s how we deliver intrinsic value with AirShield:

  • Asset visibility and device classification
  • Continuous IoT security monitoring of environment
  • Stop wireless attacks in the path with real-time CPE notifications
  • Risk management and compliance, including PCI
  • Data loss protection – Prevent data from being stolen over wireless networks through the use of Air Termination or firewall block commands
  • Zero Trust policy enforcement and alert notification to violations
  • Incident response and Forensics through DVR-like capabilities

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Airshield provides non-intrusive real-time visilbility and comprehensive monitoring and protection for broad spectrum wireless devices for IoT and OT environments.


AirHook is best-in class cellular IoT security service providing organizations with a multi-layered approach to managing cellular risks, costs, and threats in real-time.

LOCH Wireless Machine Vision Platform

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The LOCH Wireless Machine Vision Platform provides actionable intelligence and insight for all 5G cellular and broad-spectrum wireless IoT devices.

Invisible Threats. Visible Protection.

Make AirShield part of your critical security decision and protect against the invisible RF espionage threat.


The sheer volume of IoT into the hospitality environment has created the world’s largest attack surface. Protect your enterprise business against misconfigurations, Shadow IoT, and unknown and unsecured IoT devices with the LOCH Wireless Machine Vision platform.


With 80% of IoT wireless, wireless is now the new access layer and new attack surface. Yet most organizations still rely on wired-centric security approaches to detect and assess risk. With LOCH Wireless Machine Vision, you can better understand and prepare for this new threat landscape.


Take a proactive stance on IoT security with compressive asset discovery and visibility, risk analysis and mitigation, and event detection and response. Moreover, accurately quantify wireless and IoT risks — prior to loss or incident occurring. The LOCH Wireless Machine Vision platform follows the industry’s best security practices.


AirShield – Eliminate the Security Blind Spots.

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