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IoT has created the world’s largest attack surface and today’s networks and organizations were never built to handle the massive volume, velocity, and hyper-connectivity of cellular IoT in the enterprise.

AirHookSM is a best-in-class cellular IoT security service providing organizations with a multi-layered approach to managing cellular risks, costs, and threats in real-time.

On-Demand Cellular Insights for 5G Secure Edge Computing

Pervasive Threats, Universal Protection

Protect your organization against the many forms of cellular threats, such as SIM Port Hi-Jacking, SIM Swapping, DNS Manipulation, Malware delivery, Impersonation attacks, Malicious SMS, Rogue Cell-Tower Man-in-the-Middle, DDoS attacks, and many more.

How well do you know your attack surface?

Top Cellular Threats


Excessive data usage can lead to uncontrollable costs.

IoT Rogue

Rogue communication and data exfiltration.

SIM Port Hijack

Loss of control over your SIM connectivity.

Cellular Attacks

Malware, DDoS and BOTNETs can lead to excessive device utilization and data exploitation.

Rogue Cell Tower

Stingrays and SIM devices connecting to an evil-twin cell tower. Steal credentials and data.


Increases data usage and billing costs. Enforce no unauthorized connections.

We Stop Cellular and Wireless IoT Wireless Attacks Head On

No matter how large your IoT cellular deployment is or what mix of carriers you use, protect your business with LOCH Wireless Machine Vision™.

Enhance Zero Trust cybersecurity with AirHook, receive proactive alert notifications to any deviations of policy, identified IoT vulnerabilities, detect an attack in flight, and much more – prior to any incident that can lead to loss.

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